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How do I add the Widget to Home Screen?

1) long press down anywhere on your home screen until all the icons start “wiggling”

2) then tap the (+) that appears at one of the upper corners of your screen

3) search for “WidgetPet”

4) scroll all the way to the left until you see “My WidgetPet Widget 1” (or the proper widget for the pet you’ve made) and then select either the small or large format widget and tap “Add Widget”

5) If you still have trouble or problems, please reach out to us at of via the form on our contact page!

The widget doesn’t show up properly or appears all black?

1) Please try completely closing, and then re-opening the app to see if this helps refresh the widget. When you close the app, don’t close completely but just put in background so is still running.

2) If 1 doesn’t help, then please try to restart your device.

3) If 2 doesn’t help, then please remove the widget (just the widget, not the app!) and then try re-adding the widget. When you add the widget, please be sure you’re adding the widget for the correct pet. i.e. if you have only made one pet in the app so far, please make sure you add the widget named “My WidgetPet Widget 1

4) Wait a couple hours and see if the widget refreshes, sometimes the widget may just take a little while to refresh.

5) If you still have trouble or problems, please reach out to us at of via the form on our contact page!

The widget says I haven’t created a pet yet?

Check that you have made the same pet number in the app. WidgetPet! supports possibly up to 6 different widget pets at the same time, so be sure the widget number matches the pet number in the app.

I can’t find the WidgetPet! widget under my available widgets?

Please try closing the app and then restarting your device. When you device powers back up, relaunch the app and then check for the widget again. Sometimes this seems to help.

Will WidgetPet! be available ever for Android?

We can’t make any promises or guarantees, however we do hope to someday eventually bring WidgetPet! to Andorid too!

Can I have multiple widget pets at the same time?

Yes! You can have up to possibly 6 widget pets at the same time on a given device. You can unlock additional widget pet slots (up to 6 total) by leveling existing pets up to Platinum and/or upgrading to the Expanded Pet Pack.

I purchased something in the app but it isn’t available?

Please check that your purchase was successfully completed (i.e. the transaction wasn’t cancelled or failed to complete for some reason). To check that the transaction was reported as successful and you have the functionality in the app, please navigate to the more options menu (three blue dots upper left corner in app) and then tap on the green shopping cart. Once into the shop please verify a check mark is present next to the item you have purchased. If there is no check mark you can always attempt to “restore purchases”.

How do I restore past purchases? Will my purchases transfer to new devices?

You can restore past purchases that are associated with the currently signed in Apple ID on your device. Just tap on the paw print logo at the upper right corner of any pet’s page in the app and then the “restore purchases” button.

If you have iCloud setup for Keychain, your purchases should sync between all your devices using the same Apple ID.

How long does it take for pets to hatch?

Widget pets will typically hatch within 2-3 hours. Keeping your pet’s love full during the incubating/hatching process will ensure it hatches the fastest!

Where is the supplies backpack?

The supplies backpack is located under the more options menu (three blue dots upper left corner) and then is the red backpack icon.

Can widget pets die?

Nope! Widget pets are quite hearty creatures and they will not die, however they may run away if they are not cared for over an extended period of time. No worries though, if your widget pet appears to have run away caring for it again and giving it a treat should bring it back home 🙂

Can I restore past or deleted pets?

For earlier versions of WidgetPet! unfortunately no, old pets cannot be recovered once deleted.

Beginning in version 5.0.0 though we’ve integrated iCloud support. If you are using the latest version of WidgetPet! and have iCloud enabled on your device for the app, you should be able to restore widget pets from hibernation and/or sync your pets with your devices which share the same Apple ID and iCloud account.

How do I transfer my pet to a new device or if I reinstall the app?

Older versions of the app do not support transferring pets.

However, if you using the latest version of the app (v 5.0.0+) then your pets should be saved to the iCloud associated with your Apple ID. Before changing devices or deleting the app though, we advise verifying your devices iCloud settings are enabled for WidgetPet!. If you are just recently enabling iCloud make sure to use the WidgetPet! app for a bit after on your device so things can sync before looking for your pets on your other device(s), etc.

Can I rename an existing pet?

Yes! You can rename your widget pet anytime you like in the app. To rename an existing pet, simply long press for ~3-5 seconds on your pets name and/or near the gender icon in your pets home page in the app. A popup should be shown asking if you’d like to proceed to rename your pet. You can then tap in the text box that appears and enter a new name! You can do this as many times as you like.

Can I share my pet with others or create friends in the app?

Unfortunately, no. Currently, widget pets cannot be shared or sent/linked with others in the app. However we’re always hard at work on new ideas and features for the app and never know what might be added next so be alert for new features from time to time 🙂

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